My goal is to help stop hate crimes against the LGBTQAI* community. Also to stop heterosexism, homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia outside the community and also hate within the community. We all need acceptance!
~ Sunday, December 18 ~

Please help donate for Snaily’s FTM Top Surgery

I do not know Snaily personally but his friend @just_being_f1o asked me to tweet about it and post it on here. I will mean A LOT to him if you help donate :) please and thank you


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~ Saturday, December 17 ~

Hello tumblr people

I wanna stop bullying for LGBTQIA people and I made this twitter @stoplgbthate to help get the message across. Please follow and tell your friends. Straight people are welcome of course.

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~ Tuesday, December 13 ~
So True!

So True!

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~ Sunday, December 11 ~

Most Gay Women…

  • Hate men
  • want to be men 
  • dress & act “masculine”
  • are all “butch”
  • are promiscuous
  • have been through trauma to make them gay 
  • haven’t found the right man yet  
  • are going through a phase 
  • have short hair 
  • are confused

Don’t assume that just because someone is LGBT that they all have to act the same, everyone is different. Don’t stereotype. stereotypes are for the small minded. 

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Most Gay Men…

  • Have High Pitched Voices 
  • Love fashion, make up, etc…
  • love to shop
  • don’t like sports 
  • love cher, Madonna, gaga etc..
  • Can’t commit to one person
  • are promiscuous
  • do drugs
  • have HIV and other STDs 
  • want to have sex with everyone of the same gender 
  • are confused
  • have been made gay by trauma
  • only hang out with girls 

Stereotypes are for the small minded. Stereotypes are just useless ways of offensively categorizing people. Just don’t stereotype people, it’s not fair to judge anyone. Open your mind. 

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~ Saturday, December 10 ~
What would you do? …if you were thrown out of your house as a kid? …if you were beaten up in school and your teachers did nothing? …if you were fired from your job? …if you were banned from serving in our military? …if a landlord refused to rent to you? …if a doctor refused to treat you? …if you could not marry the person you love? …if your kids were taken away from you? …if the government denied 1,100 benefits to you and your spouse, but not to other couples? …if the government deported your spouse? …if the hospital prevented you from saying good-bye as your partner lay dying alone? Welcome To Our Lives. We are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans.” ~The Dallas Principles
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“Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood. This sets the stage for further repression and violence that spread all too easily to victimize the next minority group. || We have a lot more work to do in our common struggle against bigotry and discrimination. I say “common struggle” because I believe very strongly that all forms of bigotry and discrimination are equally wrong and should be opposed by right-thinking Americans everywhere. Freedom from discrimination based on sexual orientation is surely a fundamental human right in any great democracy, as much as freedom from racial, religious, gender, or ethnic discrimination.” ~Coretta Scott King
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~ Tuesday, November 8 ~
HATE IS FAR MORE OF A CHOICE THAN HOMOSEXUALITY. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There is nothing wrong with love. Hate is wrong.

HATE IS FAR MORE OF A CHOICE THAN HOMOSEXUALITY. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There is nothing wrong with love. Hate is wrong.

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